Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas on the Road.

You can see the different personalites on my road the best at Christmas time. My house is framed in multi-colored garland lights. We also have a big tree my brother made by looping lights up and down our bird feeder pole. Not exactly tacky, but very loud and bright. The neighbor across the way is an artist. She is all about aesthetics. They have a large wicker wreath wrapped with white lights and white icicle lights along the porch roof. Very tasteful and pretty. My oldest neighbor's house is dark. I don't believe that he has ever put up lights. But he's friendly and there when you need him. Just not much for fuss. The neighbor right next to us is the closest to my family in decorating style. Big old fashioned lights around the porch, with a star made from the same lights on the front of the house. Once again not tacky, but not subtle either. :) The lady next to them has one white star in her window. Its makes me a little sad actually. It somehow seems lonlier than the houses with nothing on them. But it is also the decoration that reminds me the most of the Christmas story. Maybe that is what she intends. And lastly there is the house on the corner. Every inch of her house and yard is covered with lights. She has giant inflatable Santa's in the yard. Plastic snowmen on her porch. Santa's sleigh and reindeer on her roof. Tinsel and ribbons everywhere. Its Whoville to infinity, tacky as hell, but it makes me smile every year. The year she stops dressing her yard to the lines and beyond is the year the Road gets a little darker. But this year it still shines. :) Happy Holidays.


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